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Frequently Asked Questions

We believe that homeowners should have a choice in how they obtain their energy, not the utilities. Through strategic partnerships with industry leaders, we offer an array of solar solutions in the industry that are customized to better suit your families needs; because the reality is that there is no such thing as one size fits all.

It’s a myth that solar requires large out of pockets cost for homeowners. Whether you’re in the market to own your system or just reduce your power at a lower cost, EMPWR leverages funded and financing programs to ensure a solar solution with no out of pocket expenses

Net metering allows residential and commercial customers who generate their own electricity from solar power to sell the electricity they aren’t using back into the utilities grid in exchange for credits on the utility bill or for storage during peak hours offsetting charges from your local utility.

Your historical usage allows us to determine if your home qualifies for solar, and if it does to design preliminary results for your home. Usage varies from home to home with changes in usage consumption from season to season. Taking a look at your data gives us a better understanding of usage needs which in turn, allows us to find the most optimized solar program and savings for your home.

We provide the best in class service with bumper-to-bumper power production and warranties available in the solar industry. EMPWR has you covered so that you’ll never pay out of pocket.

Studies show that homeowners move within the first 20 years after purchasing their home. We understand, life happens. No matter where you find yourself in 1 or 25 years, all of our solar programs are fully transferable.

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