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Why more homeowners are powering through with a solar storage system

With the cost of electricity on the rise, homeowners are now more than ever looking to invest in a full home solar solution that can help fight those rising costs. While solar produces power to be used in real time, having a home battery interconnected to your solar energy system means that you are in control of when you use your energy!

Solar customers understand that a home storage system can be used to offset electricity prices when the demand is high such as 4-9pm peak hours or when the sun goes down-resulting in higher a utility bill simply by pulling power from the local grid. The benefits of solar batteries go beyond rising rates, they enable cleaner consumption of energy, and relying less on an outdated infrastructure thus reducing carbon footprint.

Benefits of a solar powered home

In essence, if you are considering adding solar to your home, consider investing in a home solar + storage plan that works for you.

With a battery powered home, 1). Should your local grid fail your solar battery will continue to power your home uninterrupted, 2). You can keep your home running during power outages, black outs, or natural disasters. 3). You can control when you use power from the grid, minimizing peak utility rates (TOU).

At Empower, we leverage the latest solar panel & home battery technology in the solar industry to ensure a powerful and reliable experience allowing you to have the peace of mind when things are uncertain. Get your free quote today, and use power when you need it most!

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